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This website will be updated with the latest news and information on the ongoing IVC Filter Litigation. Any information regarding a IVC Class Action Lawsuit or Multi District Litigation will be posted for review. If you have suffered from an IVC Filter implant, complete the Free IVC Filter Case Evaluation to the right to learn if you may qualify to file a IVC Filter Lawsuit.

NBC Nightly News Investigates IVC Filter Side Effects
Bard IVC Filter MDL Created in Arizona
IVC Filter Lawsuit Filed in Michigan
IVC Filter Settlement Reached in California

Michigan IVC Filter Lawsuit Filed

IVC Filter Lawsuit Filed in Michigan

A man in Michigan has filed an IVC Filter Lawsuit against Cook Medical claiming he was exposed to Personal Injury and Product liability. He claims he had an IVC Filter implanted and it shattered or splintered and punctured his heart. The IVC filters are implanted to prevent blood clots from traveling from legs and into vital organs such as the lungs. There has been a rash of IVC Filter lawsuits including a man who just recently reached an IVC Filter settlement. In this new Michigan IVC filter lawsuit the man says he needed four heart surgeries to correct his issues. The IVC filter lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. The other company that has been named the defendant in these lawsuits is CR Bard. The recent IVC Filter settlement occurred in Nevada and the terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Read more about How To File an IVC Filter Lawsuit.

IVC Filter MDL

There have been 60 Cook Select IVC Filter lawsuits filed, which caused the creation of an IVC Filter MDL in Indiana. An IVC Filter MDL will make discovery more efficient and should be followed by IVC Filter bellwether trials. There have talks that Bard has been quietly reaching IVC Filter settlements. There have been a reported 200 IVC Filter lawsuits against Bard. There is currently no Bard IVC Filter MDL however. There have been various rumors that a Bard IVC filter MDL application may be in the future.

IVC Filter Lawsuits

If you or a love one has suffered injuries from IVC Filters you may be entitled to compensation. Our IVC Filter lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means they only get paid if you get paid. Every state is different in terms of the statue of limitations, so you should contact a IVC filter lawyer as soon as possible to preserve your legal rights. Complete the free IVC filter lawsuit evaluation to the right to have our IVC filter legal team review your information today. Or contact us at 888-236-4949 to speak with IVC Filter lawyer regarding your claim.

IVC Filter Lawsuit

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