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This website will be updated with the latest news and information on the ongoing IVC Filter Litigation. Any information regarding a IVC Class Action Lawsuit or Multi District Litigation will be posted for review. If you have suffered from an IVC Filter implant, complete the Free IVC Filter Case Evaluation to the right to learn if you may qualify to file a IVC Filter Lawsuit.

NBC Nightly News Investigates IVC Filter Side Effects
Bard IVC Filter MDL Created in Arizona
IVC Filter Lawsuit Filed in Michigan
IVC Filter Settlement Reached in California

IVC Filters Featured by NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News Investigates IVC Filter Side Effects

NBC Nightly News is doing a 2 part special series on the dangers of IVC Filters and the resulting IVC filter lawsuit. Episode 1 on the IVC Filter special is below.

IVC Filter Lawsuits over Serious Injuries

There have been reports of numerous IVC Filter lawsuits after patients have suffered injuries after the filter breaks off and enters the client's blood stream and into vital organs.

IVC Filter Lawsuit Information: If your or a loved one suffered an injury after being given an IVC Filter, you should consult an IVC Filter lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect your claim for a IVC Filter Lawsuit and settlement.


IVC Filter Lawsuit

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